Posted by: arb07 | October 18, 2014

Dream a Little Dream….


We are slowly conditioned to dream less and live in reality. Well in response to these critical thinkers reality is the world of dreams. So if I am to live in reality than I shall dream bigger and such dive into the reaches of my imagination to con jour up the best that reality can provide. In the dream world though there are no borders. In this true reality eternity is the depths, so we can find comfort that our dreams are never-ending. In the physical world where nothing stays the same and our experience is constantly changing there is that security of knowing our essence of who we are will always be there. These dreams of ours will then eternally bring us that which who we are. Dream more my friend. Dream bigger and let reality begin.

Posted by: arb07 | September 27, 2014

Activity for the day

With true honesty tell someone that you are here for them.

“Darling, I am here for you”

See the healing this brings for them and you.

Posted by: arb07 | January 1, 2014

2014 The Year of Many Changes

2014 The Year of Many Changes.

Posted by: arb07 | January 1, 2014

2014 The Year of Many Changes

2014 The Year of Many Changes

We know it as the first day of the New Year. The human mind see’s it as a big transition from the past to the new. We may separate time by years but to the universe it is but a eternal cycle. It is not a transition but a beautiful eternal moment that we experience. Luckily for us every moment is another chance to experience the beauty of our dreams or change everything and anything. 2014 is a year with many changes to look forward to. The energies in 2013 sped up and brought a slow amount of good needed changes. In 2014 this will speed up even more. 2013 was a chance for you to get use to this new energy to prepare you for 2014. Are you ready for the greatness that is about to come? The year of change is just better put a year of all your dreams presenting themselves. Happy 2014!

Posted by: arb07 | September 16, 2013

On this day of your life……

On this day of your life, I think God wants you to know that beauty comes in many forms and there is no form more beautiful than you. Just exactly as you are, this minute, right now, without changing a thing…. you are beautiful. Beautiful enough to take God’s breath away. You do believe this dont you? Oh, you must. How can I believe in my beauty if you dont believe in yours? It’s for me you must believe, not for you….. Neale Donald Walsh

Posted by: arb07 | September 6, 2013

Activity For The Day

Tell someone you love them.

Posted by: arb07 | August 29, 2013

Activity for the Day

Kiss someone on their third eye or the middle of your forehead. This is a spot of great energy and kissing that spot sends love energy to a area of great magnetic force. This gives the receiving party warmth, calm and peace. The energy of love gives an all over sense of peace as you are connecting with the source of who you are. Here is a way to give someone some great energy today whether it be your partners, children, loved ones and friends.

Posted by: arb07 | August 27, 2013

The Activity For The Day

Forgive someone today. Someone from your past or someone currently. Maybe even forgive yourself. You don’t have to forgive the actions but forgive them as a person. Here is some example statements for yourself:

“I am willing and able to forgive myself for thinking negative thoughts about a family member today”

“I am willing and able to forgive my ex for causing me hurt”


Posted by: arb07 | August 21, 2013

Blue Moon

Blue Moon

Tonight if you look up in the sky you will find a blue moon. This signifies happenings that don’t occur often but are quite enjoyable. Feel the strong creative energy tonight and let tonight start a series of surprising events.

Posted by: arb07 | August 20, 2013

Sneak Peak: The Sum of Everything II


May I exemplify the magnificence of a place so grand, so radiant so full of life and vibrant. Here life is truly abundant. Its as if we have created our own little heaven fit with gold staircases and the garden of eden as our personal playground. Fit with the animals and people to enjoy in. May all who come to live and play be just as joyeous as I as they cross the gates from mortality to the eternal. Let us all live like gods and goddesses. Let us all love with fiery passion and without abandon. Where food grows grandeously from our trees and wine flows from our fountains. We may converse with the lamb and sing in unison with the canaries.  This is truly heaven. May all who is blessed to befall the earth come here to delight in all the exquisite magnificence this place may provide. Death may befall me but it shall not phase me as I will awaken to the same place. Fore heaven cannot fair in comparison to this blissful realm on earth.

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